EEFIG National

Following the success of the launch of the EEFIG report in February 2015, Climate Strategy, ECF and its local partners in five EU Member States began to collaborate to use the tools created by EEFIG to run a national engagement process with finance experts in five countries.

Recognizing the current energy efficiency finance context where investment levels need to be up-scaled to around €100 billion per year, EEFIG National provides a platform to gather, interpret, present, analyse and exchange key data that can engage key national stakeholders through a structured process to align and focus their efforts to increase EE investments.

In its initial phase, EEFIG National used a standardized method and process to engage with key expert stakeholders in Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria over 12 months from July 2015 to June 2016. Each country’s process and results can be found in the country sections (left menu) together with an interactive review of the results data in each case. We provide an “EEFIG National Toolkit” which describes the necessary components needed to conduct and replicate the EEFIG National engagement process in different countries. Below there is also an interactive analysis comparing the results of EEFIG drivers in each of the countries by segment.


Support on Driver Definitions and Terminology available here